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Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”



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Protests make it known to lawmakers and the general public that there is a large number of people backing the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. Supporters are willing to fight and protest until new policies are enacted that hold police accountable for their actions. Protests are integral for the movement in order to rally support for the cause.

Curriculum Change

Changing our future starts with educating the people that will be leading our future. We plan on changing school curriculum to include more diverse viewpoints of history as opposed to a whitewashed version. We are currently drafting curriculum additions and edits for local schools.

Policy Change

The root of the racial inequity issue in the United States lies in policy. Current laws engenders police to use unwarranted force on individuals. They make it difficult to convict police with a fair trial by warranting them extra protections the rest of the population lacks. We have already sent out a letter to Massachusetts officials proposing a new policy.

Spreading Awareness

Spreading awareness and educating others with the right information is one of the most important actions that we take. When people are not educated about unfamiliar subjects, they are instinctively afraid of such topics. Similar ignorance and misinformation have caused many outside of minority groups to be afraid of the BLM movement.

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Enough is enough

Our Mission

When this organization was formed, its main objective was to organize local BLM protests in areas that did not formerly have them. Now, however, we strive to do so much more. Our ultimate aim is to end systematic racism through education and policy change, while making it easier for police to be held accountable for unjust actions with a fair trial that does not employ unfair protections such as qualified immunity.

Get Involved

We are always in need of additional help. If you are available or looking to be more involved in an organization such as this one, please drop an application below so the leadership team can review it. *Note* The form below will only be open while we are actively searching for new volunteers.

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People behind the organization

Meet the Leadership Team

ARyan Kumar - Chief Executive Officer

Aryan Kumar is a rising junior at the Advanced Math Science Academy. After witnessing the horrific deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, Aryan observed how the nation demanded change and justice. While the rest of the nation protested, Aryan noticed that there were few protests in his hometown of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. Such inaction prompted him to found this organization based on achieving social justice for African Americans.

Rohith Divi

Rohith Divi is currently a rising junior at the Advanced Math & Science Academy. Many of the horrific, racially motivated attacks in past years motivated Rohith to take action to make change. He believes that by protesting and proposing policy change, eventually change can occur and current issues with the American policing system can be solved. His main goal with this organization is to create real action-based change in the world.

Morgan Monfredo - Director of Social Media

Morgan Monfredo is a rising junior at Shrewsbury High School. She is passionate about making the world a safer and more equitable place to live in. Her intent in joining Enough is Enough was to accomplish that goal. She is very hopeful for the future and believes that Generation Z has the key to create a new path forward.

Ashley Gatongo - Director of communications

Ashley is a 17 year old senior from Worcester, MA and is currently attending Grafton Memorial High School. She esteems social justice because she values the quality of life for all peoples; regardless of background, identity, orientation etc. She partakes in various social justice organizations and joined Enough is Enough to make a change in her own community.

Vicntia Gagakuma - Director of chapter development

Vicentia, originally from Ghana, moved to Dallas, Texas at a young age. She has grown to like barbecues and the hot weather. In her free time she likes to cook or reflect & listen to Arijit Singh. After the high profile Amber Guyger case which took place in Dallas, Vicentia sought a way to be an agent of change in any way. Repeated instances of violence from Breonna to George Floyd motivated her to join Enough is Enough and be a voice for the oppressed.

Lauren Welch - Director of social media

Lauren Welch is a high school senior with plans to major in Sociology. She enjoys painting, listening to music, and playing guitar. Lauren believes all people should be treated with respect and kindness and advocates for those who aren’t treated with humanity by society. She joined Enough is Enough to work toward ending racism. By spreading awareness about important social justice issues and supporting BIPOC across the nation, she is able to accomplish her goal to spread kindness.